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Private Swim Classes

Private Swim Lessons at Clare Gardens

Private Swimming Crab

Some children learn better in an individualized setting or may need to gain more confidence in their new swimming skills. Weekly Private Lessons allow your child the opportunity to increase their confidence, perfect their skills, and offer them continued one-on-one instructor support.

Private Maintenance Lessons are tailored for...

  • Children who are too young to enter a group class upon completing their Private Survival Series
  • Children who need a little help with a particular skill or time to build confidence about their swimming abilities, before entering a group class
Private Lessons are tailored for... 
  • Children who learn better in an individualized setting. 
  • Older children who are participating in private lessons to fast track to an age-appropriate group class.


Private Maintenance Lessons

Private Lessons

Recommended Age: 8 months & Up 4 years and up
Teaching Ratio: 1:1 instructor to student  1:1 instructor to student 
Duration: 15-minute and 30 min options  15 min  and 30 min options
**Cost: $144 a month per 15 min increment $144 a month, per 15 min increment
Pre-requisites: Experienced swimmers who have completed Private Survival Series New and Experienced swimmers 

**The Swim School of Denver charges a one-time, lifetime registration fee of $80 for the first student and $40 for each additional child to enroll from the same family.

Both Private Maintenance Lessons and Private Lessons can be scheduled for more than 1, 15 min  lesson per week. Children under 3 years old may not participate in Private Lessons longer than a 15 minutes.

Your instructor will let you know when your child is ready to reduce the frequency of their Private Lessons or is ready to transition to a group class. This recommendation is biased upon defined goals set for your child prior to beginning Private Lessons or continuing with Private Maintenance Lessons.

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What's Next?

Once your child is ready to advance to a group class, your instructor will make a recommendation based upon your child's age and skill level.

Pre-Stroke Group Lessons

Starfish or Seahorse Group Classes
2 1/2 to 5 years old

Beginning Stroke Group Lessons

Gobies, Jellyfish, or Turtles Group Classes
4-6 years old

Intermediate Stroke Group Lessons

Clown Fish or Blue Tangs Group Classes
6 years and up

Advanced Stroke Group Lessons

Angel Fish or Manta Rays Group Classes
7 years and up