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Stroke Swim Classes

Intermediate Stroke School

Intermediate Stroke School

Our approach to stroke instruction is unique because we have incorporated a series of exercises that promote improving a child’s core strength, breath, buoyancy, and balance before introducing arm motions commonly associated with the four competitive swim strokes.

Once your child has completed the skills outlined in Beginning Stroke School they are ready to move onto Intermediate Stroke School classes. Intermediate Stroke School is comprised of Clown Fish and Blue Tangs classes.

Clown Fish group classes focus on helping children move from basic freestyle and backstroke to swimming competitive freestyle and competitive backstroke, incorporating bilateral breathing in freestyle and rolling their arms while swimming backstroke. We also introduce sculling arms for breaststroke and beginning elements of butterfly.
Blue Tangs continue practicing competitive freestyle and backstroke. They learn to swim basic butterfly and are introduced to breaststroke whip kick.


Intermediate Stroke School Classes

Recommended Age: Approximately 6 years old & Up
Teaching Ratio: 1:4 instructor to student
Duration: 1, 30-minute lesson per week
Cost: *$112 per month
Class Type: Group
Pre-requisites: Private Maintenance Lessons or Turtles group class

*The Swim School of Denver charges a one-time, lifetime registration fee of $80 for the first student and 
$40 for each additional child to enroll from the same family.

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