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Adult Swim Classes

Adult Swim Lessons

Every adult lesson we offer is in a private one-on-one setting, where you set the pace for learning and work on the skills you would like to achieve with your instructor.


Adult Swim Lessons

Recommended Age: 16 years and up
Teaching Ratio: 1:1 instructor to student
Duration: 1, 30-minute lesson per week
Cost: $300 for a package of
six private lessons
$60 per individual 30 minute
private adult swim lesson
Class Type: Private
What to Bring: swimsuit, towel, water bottle

Beginning Swim Lessons for Adults

Learn to Swim, Tread Water, or Refine Strokes

The Swim School of Denver follows the SSI curriculum for beginning adult students. Your instructor will offer a beginning non-swimmer the option to try an inflatable snorkel vest, mask, snorkel, and fins to develop his or her confidence. As you gain confidence, we will reverse the process, removing the equipment one piece at a time.

Our caring, mature instructors will help you overcome your fears in the water one step at a time and work at pace that’s comfortable for YOU. Want to check off “learn to swim” from your bucket list? We are here to help you learn to swim and be able to comfortably enjoy other water activities with your family.

Fitness and Advanced Swim Lessons for Adults

Triathlon Training, Stroke Work, and Masters Level Training

With multiple pool locations, we have the opportunity to allow you to learn in either warm or cooler water temperatures. Most of our beginner swimmers prefer the WARM water which is located at either Denver Divers pool or Clare Gardens Pool. Located in Cherry Creek, Denver Divers salt water pool is kept at 88 degrees to accommodate many types of swim, scuba, snorkel, and freediving lessons. Clare Gardens pool is also kept in the high 80s to low 90s and has a chair lift into the pool, perfect for our senior swimmers who don't like to get cold or may need assistance getting in or out of the water. We also offer limited access to a cooler pool with lap lanes for fitness training at a pool in Northwest Denver which booked seasonally.

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Denver Divers

FULL - Wait list at this time
On request

Clare Gardens Pool
Wednesday Mornings

Located at:
2661 Osceola Street
Denver, CO 80212
Pool located at 26th and Osceola entrance
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Additional offerings may be available based on demand - just ask!

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