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Meet The Swim Instructors

About Us

The Swim School of Denver has adopted a teaching philosophy unique in the swim school industry. We believe that infants and toddlers who have first mastered survival skills are safer swimmers who learn traditional strokes more thoroughly and quickly. Our documented curriculum is a blend of traditional survival swimming technique and swim stroke instruction.

In a 2010 policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics advocates survival swimming lessons for children as young as one. These recommendations are based on recent studies that show toddler swimming lessons reduce the incidence of drowning dramatically.

We believe that a sequential series of short classes is most effective for young beginning survival swimmers. We strive to teach young children to punctuate forward motion with a back float to rest and breath. Upon the completion of private survival classes or when recommended by your instructor, all students who can successfully rest and breath on their backs are encouraged to join a group class for retention, enjoyment, and skill enhancement.


Jolyn Anderson

Program Director

Jolyn Anderson has been teaching survival swimming to infants and toddlers for the past four years in the Highlands and Cherry Creek communities. Three years ago, Jolyn became a credentialed instructor trainer with Swim Schools International. Her dual credentialing makes her uniquely suited to head The Swim School of Denver program.

Jolyn grew up outside of Chicago. During her lake-side summers she worked as a lifeguard and learned, first-hand, the importance of water safety. After earning her degree in Speech Pathology from Indiana University, Jolyn spent time working with children and adults with special needs. Now married with her own children, she continues to make a career of her avocation – teaching children to swim.

Emilly Kays

Director of Training

As Director of Training, Emilly is responsible for the skills and knowledge of all the instructors at The Swim School of Denver. She, too, brings directly knowledge of survival swimming and has become well-versed in SSI stroke curriculum as well.

Emilly’s twin passions – to work with young children and to teach swimming – serve her well in her role at The Swim School of Denver. Emilly, Jolyn and other staff members have worked tirelessly to weave together an integrated approach to swim instruction. Emilly’s degree is in Child Development. Her past professional pursuits include preschool education in the Montesorri system.

Caroline (Cada) Koone

Director of Administration

When Cada joined The Swim School of Denver more than four years ago, she was just going to stay a few months.  Instead she stayed a few years and is the brains behind the scheduling and finances of The Swim School of Denver.

Cada graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor's Degree.  She is from New Orleans and spends time traveling with her family all over the world when she is not in the water or buried in her computer!  She swam competitvely through high school and brings a wealth of knowledge to The Swim School curriculum.