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Survival Swimming

Private Intensive Lessons at Clare Gardens

Private Survival Whale

The core of our program involves teaching every student the fundamentals of survival swimming.

While children as young as six months may not yet be walking, they are capable of learning to roll from a face down or submerged position, onto their backs to breathe or cry out for help.

Toddlers and young children who are walking learn to swim a short distance with their faces fully submerged, roll onto their backs to float and rest, and then flip back onto their tummies to continue swimming towards their destination. This skill set serves as a foundation for future stroke development.We find that a family who makes a six-week dedicated commitment to our program to swim three times a week, experiences the best results.

Once your child has completed their survival swimming lessons, their instructor will recommend the best next step to meet your child's individual needs.

This recommendation is typically based on three factors:
  • The age and current ability of your child
  • How confident your child is in their newly discovered skills
  • Your availability to participate in lessons

Your instructor may suggest continuing in weekly Private Lessons or joining a Pre-Stroke Group Class.


Private Intensive Series

Recommended Age: 6 months to 5 years old
Teaching Ratio: 1:1 instructor to student
Duration: 3, 15-minute lessons per week
*Cost: $600 package for six week series
Class Type: Private
Pre-requisites: No swim experience needed

*The Swim School of Denver charges a one-time, lifetime registration fee of $80 for the first student and 
$40 for each additional child to enroll from the same family.

Private Survival Lessons with Emilly

Did you know?

In 2009 Dr. Ruth Brenner conducted research at the NIH to investigate the connection between swimming lessons & drowning. The conclusion: participation in swim lessons provided 88% reduction in risk of drowning for ages 1-4.*


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As we wait for one of our current, long-time teachers to complete her survival-specific training, we ask you to indicate interest through our wait lists for morning and afternoon at Denver Divers and morning at Clare Gardens Pool.

What's Next?

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Private Maintenance Lessons

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