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Core Skills Development Lessons

Currently not accepting new enrollments or wait list students
due to unprecedented demand.

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Our Core Skills Development lessons are perfect for children who are familiar with our Kick-flip-kick technique. These ongoing lessons are designed to help your child gain increased confidence through repetition and practice.

As your child’s confidence grows and technique becomes more fluid and efficient, we begin to introduce exercises that improve breath, buoyancy and balance in the water. This leads to improved core strength and coordination needed for future stroke development. Safety in and around the water continues to be a strong theme during these lessons.

Our private lessons model offers a unique opportunity for accelerated learning in a sensory friendly environment with our amazing instructors!

Please call us if you have any questions about what level is right for your child 303-399-2877.

Suggested Age: Walking to Five Years Old

Prerequisite: Participation in our Learn-to-Swim series of lessons (Learn to Swim for Walking to Four Years Old or Learn to Swim for Four to Seven Years Old

Lesson Duration: ongoing weekly or twice weekly 15-minute private lessons

Schedule: Typically offered Tuesday through Friday mornings between 9am and 12pm as well as 3pm and 6pm

Some late afternoon times are reserved for more advanced students only. Because Stroke Development lessons are also taught in the afternoon, the learning environment is not conducive to a young child focusing on new swimming skills.

Tuition: $144 monthly membership rate or $288 monthly membership rate for a weekly 30-minute lesson or two 15-minute lessons per week

Next Steps:

Once your child has mastered the curriculum in our Core Skills Development lessons they advance to Stroke Development lessons.

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