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Swim School Scheduling

Opens August 9, 2019 for Currently Enrolled Swim Families

We have two session throughout each year, the Summer Session and the School Year Session. The current 2019 Summer Session ends on Friday, August 30, 2019. The 2019 – 2020 School Year Session will run from Tuesday, September 3rd – Friday, May 29th, 2020. Your child’s current enrollment does not roll over between these two sessions. You must enroll your child in a new lesson for the School Year Session.

Please remember if you do not have a credit card on file, you will not be able to register online.

How to request a summer enrollment online:

  1. Log In:
    Access the Swim Scheduler and log in to the Parent Portal.
    If it is your first-time logging into the Swim Scheduler, click on “Forgot Password” and use your email address to get an auto generated password that you will be able to change once you get logged in. You do NOT need to create a new account as we have already created an account for you.
  2. Sort Class Filters to Show Appropriate Classes for your Child:
    Once logged in, click on Classes tab located on the left side of the screen. The Classes tab is at the top of the box that includes Makeups, Family, Students, Enrollments, Payments, and Policies/Procedures. This will bring up all classes we offer at both locations and for both the current and school year sessions. You will have to use the class filters to sort through the lessons and find the best fit for your child. Class Filters are located to the right and we have included information about each dropdown filter you can choose from below.
    Reminder – you must click Submit for it to sort your selected filters.

    Dropdown filters in order from left to right:
    • Programs: This filters the lessons based on the location. If you leave it with ----- it will show class offerings at both Denver Divers and Francis Heights.
      • For the Denver Divers location only: select SWIM PROGRAMS – Denver Divers
      • For the Francis Heights location only: select SWIM PROGRAMS – Francis Heights
    • Session: This filters the lessons based on the session.
      • Select SWIM: 2019-2020 School Year September 3rd – May 29th
    • Days: This filters the lessons based on day of the week. You can leave it blank to see all the days offered or you can choose days that best work for you to see what is available.
    • Level: Do NOT select a level when requesting a school year lesson. Due to this change over happening during our current session and the need to have MAKEUPS available for request, we cannot remove levels from the filters.
    • Instructor: This filters lessons based on our instructors. Please select the instructor(s) that was recommended for your child's private lessons. If you are unsure what instructor to choose, please contact or give us a call at 303-399-2877.
    Once you have selected the appropriate options for your lessons, click "submit" to see the available lessons.
  3. Request a Class: Once you find a lesson that works for your child, click "Submit Request" on the right side of the screen next to the lesson you would like to request. You will be guided through five more screens to complete your request. Your request will not be completed until you receive an email acknowledging that you have successfully requested a class.
    Here are the following steps that you will go through to successfully request a lesson after clicking Submit Request:
    • Select the child you would like to request the enrollment for and the school year session, and then select Continue Enrollment.
    • You will now see a review of your request including the name of the lesson you are requesting, the day and time that it is offered, your child’s name and the Start Date and End Date. You do not need to worry about the start date if it is showing today’s date as they will all start the week of September 3rd. Then click Add to Cart.
    • If you have multiple children and need to request another lesson, click on Find another Class. If you are ready to continue confirming your request, click on Proceed to Checkout.
    • You will now be brought to a screen that looks like a checkout cart for an online order. If everything looks correct, click Continue.
    • If you are not enrolled in autopay, the system will require you to enter in a credit card to autopay before you can request a lesson. We require a credit card to be on file even if you do not use it to pay for lessons as you can pay at any time before the 15th of the month to avoid having your credit card charged.
    • Once you have updated your autopay, you will be brought back to the request and must click Complete Transaction. Once you click Complete Transaction, you will get a screen with a green box at the top that says, “Your registration completed successfully!” This does not mean that you are confirmed for the spot, but that you have successfully requested a lesson.
  4. Receive email acknowledging you successfully requested a lesson:
    ********If you do not receive an email after you have requested a lesson, you have not gone through all the steps, and we will not receive your request********
  5. Receive email confirmation or denial for your request: We will be reviewing requests as they come in on Friday, August 9th. Each request is time stamped, so it is first come first serve. If the lesson is not the right fit for any reason, we will immediately send an email to let you know why it is not a good fit and you can request another lesson.
    If you are unable to find an ideal lesson, we recommend requesting another lesson that you would prefer, and we can waitlist you for it.