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What's Next After Scuba Rangers?


Scuba Rangers is our first program designed to accustom students to the equipment, skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to scuba dive comfortably in our pool.  Students that wish to continue their diving education may do so by choosing from any of our additional classes that we offer.

At Denver Divers we offer multiple choices of children's programs both during summer and the school year.  Additionally, Custom / Private classes can be set up any time.

Here is a summary of each of our additional classes including Scuba Rangers:

Specialty Rangers is a new program for Denver Divers. It is designed to challenge both certified Junior Open Water divers and graduated Scuba Rangers to learn and do more with the skills and knowledge they have accumulated. Specialty Rangers does not lead to any certification unless it is one that is allowed under SSI standards.

Ranger Event Nights
Once a month, we put together a special evening program for our Rangers.  Each program varies on the content, speaker, and activities that are available.  Watch the newsletter for updates for our latest Event Night.

CLASS TYPE: Scuba Rangers  Specialty Rangers Ranger Event Nights
Max Number of Students 8  8  8
Tuition $350 $300 $75 max (Event Specific)

Material Fee

$45 N/A N/A

Total Cost

$395  $300 $75 max (Event Specific)
Minimum Age 8 8 8


5 sessions at 2 hours each 4 sessions at 2 hours each ~2-2.5 hours

    Custom and Summer Sessions

    Custom Sessions and

Weekly Programs

  Monthly evening sessions throughout the year

Please note: We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.

Covid-19 Policy: In order to protect our customers and staff, for all in-water training, we require either proof of vaccination against covid-19, or a negative covid test taken within 24 hours of each in-water training session.

Note: All classes can be set up privately and or with custom times
Scuba Scheduler

Ready to Get Certified?

Once your child is of 10 years of age, they may opt to enroll in our Rangers Plus / Junior Open Water Program.  This program presents the same material as our open water certification course, but is geared towards youth.  Once certified, a Junior Open Water Diver will have all the privileges as a traditional diver but with a depth restriction of 60 feet.

Once the student has reached 15 years of age, they may upgrade their Junior Open Water certification to an Adult Open Water certification upon the completion of a Scuba Skills Update class.

Upcoming Course Dates