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Group Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Is airfare included in the trip price?

Depending on the trip, airfare may or may not be included. Please see each specific trip for inclusion details.

Can I book my own airfare?

Of course you can book your own airfare, but as a group we can sometimes get better rates. Generally, if our group trip includes airfare, we have also included group transfers to/from the airport to the hotel. If you do book your own airfare, we can quote you the trip price without airfare, but you will need to make sure to arrive at the same time as the group or you may have to pay for private transfers once you arrive at your destination. Remember, we can usually accommodate most requests and can even arrange your airfare if you live in another city.

I am booking my trip as a single traveler, do I have to have a roommate?

No, you do not have to have a roommate, but you will have to pay a single supplement to guarantee your own room. Each trip has a single supplement rate, so just ask us! If you do want a roommate, we will pair you with a roommate of the same sex and will do our best to pair you with someone who has similar interests, after all we are all divers.

Do I have to have a dive buddy to sign up?

Of course not, we will do our best to pair you with a buddy of similar ability and you will always be diving in the same group as one of our group leaders, so we assure you will be in good hands throughout your diving vacation.

I am not scuba certified. Can I still travel with the group?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome as a non-diver. Divers usually go out on the boat in the morning and arrive back around lunch time. This gives you the rest of the day to vacation with your diver family member or friend. Let us know if you would like snorkeling arranged prior to departure, or of any other activities you may want to book and we can help you make the most of your vacation.

I don’t have my own equipment. Can I rent equipment from you?

Yes, we recommend renting equipment from Denver Divers, as you can be confident that your rental gear has been serviced and is in good shape. We also offer free pool use with your rental equipment (or your own equipment) prior to departure, so you can be sure you are comfortable with all the gear you will be using during your trip.

How do I keep my luggage under 50 pounds with dive gear?

First, make a list of all the things you may need for the trip or use our packing list and refer back to these suggestions as you pack. You would be surprised about all the things you don’t need during a dive trip. Other considerations include:

Weigh your bag: Invest in an accurate luggage scale, it will help you avoid excess baggage fees and give you a way to pack smarter.
Carry on your regulator: Regulators are heavy, and the airlines generally do not take care of your gear. Remember, this is your life support equipment. Carry it on to save weight in your checked luggage as well as insure that it will stay safe throughout your travels to your destination.
Airline Loyalty Programs: If you have elite status on an airline, you generally will have additional baggage allowances. Check with your airline and keep flying with them to maintain status.
Prioritize: Prioritize your gear, clothing and extras. Often, the less you travel with, the happier you will be in the end.

Can I do my Open Water Diver certification dives on the trip?

Yes, and your rental equipment is included! The price of $175 for your certification dives includes all your dives and rental equipment to use during the entire trip. Depending on the destination, your instructor will work with you to complete your certification dives within the first few days, so you have the rest of the trip to enjoy our destination and all that diving has to offer.

What other certification dives can I do during your group trips?

Most trips allow for any certification dives you may be interested in completing. We want to help you advance your diving career, so just ask, we are here to help!

What do we do on the trip when we are not diving?

Anything you would like! Remember, our group leader(s) are there to make sure you have a great, hassle-free vacation, so if there is an activity you would like to book, just ask. Most of the time, the group will have pre-arranged dinners and some activities, but this is your vacation, so make the most of it and feel free to explore as you wish.

Do I have to carry dive accident insurance?

Not always, but it is strongly recommended, and some destinations will require accident insurance. Divers Alert Network (DAN) and Dive Assure both offer comprehensive and inexpensive policies. We will always keep your policy number on file, so if there is an accident, we can assist with getting the best medical care possible to you. Remember, many dive destinations are far from any medical facilities, so carrying these policies will insure that you will get evacuated and to the best care as quickly as possible.

Is travel insurance required?

No, but it is recommended. Initial deposits are non-refundable. Our payment refund policy states that from 0-60 days from departure or after departure, no refunds will be issued. 61-90 days from departure, you will receive a refund of payment less the deposit(s) and there will be no refund for any unused portion of the trip. Travel insurance will cover you for cancellations or delays, so we strongly recommend buying a policy that will cover any unforeseen circumstances.