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Just for Kids

At Denver Divers, we love kids! That's why we have built such a variety of specialized children's scuba programs:

Instructors that work with kids at Denver Divers are not only SSI-certified Dive Control Specialists (assistant instructors) and full instructors. Each has also received advanced training to teach children specifically. Most are parents themselves!

Denver Divers owns a whole fleet of child-sized gear. The gear we use for Scuba Rangers and birthday parties include Oceanic XXS AND XXXS BCDs. You can rent or buy them for your child. We also carry children's wetsuits - both shorties and full wetsuits in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm thickness. Of course we have children's masks, fins and snorkels, although kids are big enough to use adult gear earlier than you might think!

Because we understand children grow - sometimes fast - we offer an equipment exchange program for parents. This is how it works:

  1. Purchase the first item at full price
  2. Turn in the gently-used item for Denver Divers to use in our rental program
  3. Purchase a replacement item for 50% of the retail price
  4. Repeat until your child finishes his or her adult size