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Youth Programs

At Denver Divers & The Swim School of Denver, we love kids! That's why we have built a variety of specialized children's programs for both scuba and snorkeling.

Scuba Rangers & Advanced Rangers Link
Snorkeling Link
Junior Open Water Diver Scuba Certification Link
Birthday Parties Link

Instructors that work in our kids programs are not only SSI certified Assistant and full Instructors, they have each also received advanced training to teach children, specifically. Most are parents themselves!

We also own a whole fleet of child-sized gear that we rent and sell. From BC's to wetsuits and everything in between, we have your child's size in anything they will need for enjoying the water. And, they can try it out in our pool before you make an investment.

Because we understand children grow - sometimes fast - we offer an equipment exchange program for our youth-sized gear. This is how it works:

  1. Purchase the first item at full price (anything sized for youth)
  2. Turn in the gently-used item for Denver Divers to use in our rental program
  3. Purchase a replacement item for 50% of the retail price
  4. Repeat until your child has grown into their adult size