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Learn to Snorkel

As a natural introduction to the underwater world, snorkeling classes provide you with snorkeling techniques, water movement skills, and marine life information. This class also instructs you on the use, care, and selection of gear. While instruction in snorkeling is not a requirement, it certainly will make your first experience much more enjoyable. Learn to snorkel at Denver Divers under the direction of a qualified snorkeling instructor and make your next vacation a breeze.



Private: $50
Child (under 8): $40

Study Materials: Optional FREE study course from SSI*

Duration: Adult:  2 hours
                 Children younger than 8 years old:1 hour (Kids learn best in a short, one-on-one class.)

Required Documents:


  • Use of mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit
  • Use snorkel vest if desired
  • Interactive digital online training materials
  • Instruction from a trained professional
  • FUN!

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