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Learn to Swim for Children:
Four to Seven Years Old

Due to high demand, we are not currently adding additional students to our interest list for learn to swim age 4-7. Please check back periodically for updates.

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Developmentally, your four-year-old is capable of learning advanced skills more quickly. That’s why older children learn to swim over two afternoons a week, rather than our typical three times per week for younger children.

Our introductory lessons are offered in an 18-lesson package. During this series of lessons, we introduce your child to the building blocks of swimming fundamentals that will carry them through all future stroke development. Children will learn to swim to their destination using roll-over breathing. We call this skill sequence Kick-Flip-Kick. These lessons are the first step to helping your child become safer in and around the water. Our instructors will guide children through these skills - celebrating their achievements along the way!

All new students who are between 4 to 7 years old begin in twice weekly Learn-to-Swim lessons.

Please call us if you have any questions about what level is right for your child 303-399-2877.

Suggested Age: Four to Seven Years Old

Experience Level: No swim experience required

Lesson Duration: 15-minute lessons, twice a week for a nine week series

Schedule: Typically offered Tuesday through Friday between 9am-12pm 

Tuition: $650 billed once plus a one time registration fee* to join The Swim School of Denver

Series lessons are billed only once. We require that you pay for these classes in full at enrollment to secure your space in our schedule.

*$80 one-time registration fee for new families, $40 for each additional sibling upon their enrollment.

These lessons are scheduled as a package with the same instructor for specified dates and times. Consistent attendance will yield the most successful results.

Next Steps:

Towards the end of your series a member of our administrative support team will reach out to recommend next steps for future scheduling. Most children advance to Core Skill Development or Stroke Development Lessons upon completing their series. Graduating Learn-to-Swim students do not continue in the same lesson time as their series. 

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