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Mermaid Swimming

The lifelong dream of being a Mermaid can now become a reality. Learning to swim in a Mermaid tail is both an enjoyable way to show your creative side and a healthy way to work out. Contrary to what you might have heard, becoming a Mermaid is not limited to children. SSI teaches Mermaids and Mermen of all shapes and sizes. Best of all, our experience teaching Swimming and Freediving guarantees your comfort and confidence in the water, while making sure you have the most fun you can have Mermaid swimming! We offer the Mermaid certification classes on a custom basis only. The course consists of one 2-hour classroom session and two 2.5-hour pool sessions. If you would like to schedule a Mermaid course, go ahead and sign up here and we will contact you via email to set up your schedule. As a bonus, if you sign up for our Mermaid Certification course, you will receive 25% off your tail when purchased through Denver Divers! We carry Fin Fun Mermaid Tails and teach all the SSI Mermaid Courses.

Try Mermaid Experience

During your Try Mermaid Experience, you and/or your child will learn lots of useful skills like how to properly swim in a mermaid tail, various efficient kicking techniques, and how to properly care for your mermaid equipment.

Price: $50 per person

Study Materials: FREE study course from SSI

Duration: 1 hour

Minimum Age: 6 Years and above

If you decide to get your Mermaid Certification, you will receive $25 back from your Try Mermaid Experience toward your full certification course!

Mermaid Certification

The full mermaid certification course will take your mermaid experience to the next level, teaching you not only how to properly swim in your tail, but how to enjoy all aspects of underwater swimming as well. Our expert instructors will insure a safe and enjoyable experience so that you can take your tail to any body of water around the world!

Price: $200 per person

Study Materials: Online study course from SSI

Duration: 6.5 hour (2-hour classroom session and two 2.5-hour pool sessions)

Minimum Age: 12 Years and above

Required Documents:


  • Use of mask, mermaid monofin and tail skin
  • Use snorkel vest if desired
  • Interactive digital online training materials
  • Instruction from a trained professional
  • FUN!

Upcoming Course Dates - Scheduled on a private basis

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