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Now Hiring: Swim Instructor

Reports to: Assistant Director of Swim

Job Overview: This professional position teaches children and adults to swim, following curriculum specifically developed by The Swim School of Denver and Swim Schools International. The instructor teaches students to master a set of specific building blocks that lead to mastery of best-practice stroke techniques. The instructor documents the learning journey of each student and recommends advancement when appropriate.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Engages with young children during the teaching process to help them feel happy and safe
  • Understands key child development milestones and how the physical abilities of the child will shape their ability to learn and retain skills in succession
  • Organizes each day of teaching with each child through lesson-plan documentation, accompanied by swim tools that enhance learning
  • Communicates with students about goals of their swim training to the extent possible
  • Interacts daily with the school’s swim software:
    • To view class rosters to define the daily approach to different skills achievement for each child
    • To take attendance
    • To document skills achievements
    • To report accidents or unusual events in student’s lives that can impact their swimming
  • Demonstrates water safety rules through own actions
  • Demonstrates patience with and understanding of the students’ view of the world as it impacts their ability to learn
  • Enforces all company policies and procedures as described in iLearn
  • Works as part of a team of other swim instructors, continually accepting guidance from and giving guidance to peers to improve teaching techniques
  • Assists in general housekeeping duties within the store
  • Communicates with parents about student progress
  • Refers administrative questions to deck supervisor
  • Attends frequent one-on-ones with direct supervisor to ensure student goals are being achieved

Qualifications: 2+ years of previous pool safety and/or teaching experience as lifeguard; swim team coach; swim teacher; and/or experience with young children and communications with parents. Excellent communication & interpersonal skills. Ability to multi-task and retain focus in noisy pool environment.

Email your resume along with three (3) references to:
Cheryl Klatt