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Private Lesson Options at Francis Heights

Fast Track Private Series: Two Days a Week

The Two-Day Fast Track Private Series lessons are for children who are four years and older with no or limited previous swim experience. These lessons are scheduled in 15-minute increments, twice a week, for a period of nine weeks.

Classes are taught in a private one-on-one setting with your child and their instructor. During this series, we will focus on helping your child learn the fundamentals of Kick-Flip-Kick and begin working on stroke development.

Recommended Age:
Four Years and Older

Teaching Ratio: Private 1:1 student to instructor ratio

Duration:9 Weeks of Twice per week 15-minute lessons

Price: $600 billed once for the series


Private Fast Track lessons are billed only once. The tuition rate for this set of 18 lessons, is $600 plus a one-time registration fee. We request that you pay for the series in full or establish a payment plan before the start of the series.

What Happens after a Fast Track Private Series?

During week eight of the nine-week series, your child’s instructor will compose a progress report detailing what has been accomplished during lessons as well as provide a recommendation of how your child will be most successful in continuing lessons.

A member of our administrative support team will reach out to you through email to provide you with the progress report, recommendation, and options available to continue in swim lessons with us. Our administrative support team member will also be able to assist in scheduling makeup lessons for any classes missed, with advanced notice, during your Fast Track Series. Please see our detailed make-up policy for additional information.

Over 4 YO No Swim Experience