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The TUSA Tina earned excellent and very good scores in every category; female test divers specifically praised the stability and comfort of the BC’s wraparound fit. They also liked the plushy back pad that provides support along the lower back and disperses weight around the hips. The result is “super comfy,” as one diver put it. Streamlined and rock-solid, the BC was rated highly for attitude and stability ­underwater. “Just what a BC should be,” one tester ­commented. ­Buoyancy and ascent control were easy to manage with multiple exhaust options and a responsive inflator with ergonomic controls. Testers also liked the tank cam buckle, which has a half-stop between open and closed that stays in place during setup. The Tina offers two large, accessible zippered pockets, movable D-rings, octo pockets and a zippered pocket on the cummerbund. With solid all-around ­performance and a supportive female-friendly fit, the Tusa Tina is our Testers Choice for women’s BCs.