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Think about how you will use it before you buy a knife.  Other considerations include the knife mount; configuration of the tip; weight of the knife; and the material from which it is made.

Titanium knives are light weight and don't rust with years of water exposure. Stainless steel are a little heavier and do rust over time. The difference - price.  Titanium knives are about twice as expensive as steel.

Common knife mounts include the side of most BCDs, strapped to the diver's leg, or strapped to one of the regulator hoses. The safest storage spot is the side of the BCD.

Dive knives can come with a straight, sharp-point blade; a blunt tip; or a hook with a sharp edge.
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DIVE RITE Line Cutter with Ceramic Blade


EEZYCUT Trilobite Cutting Tool w/ Harness Pouch


SCUBAPRO X-TEK X-CUT Titanium Knife w/Nylon Sheath


SCUBAPRO White Tip Hose/BC Mount Knife


SCUBAPRO Mako Titanium


TUSA Mini Blunt Tip


TUSA X-pert II Steel Blunt Tip Knife with Leg Sheath


TUSA Imprex II Titanium Knife