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MARES Quad Air-Integrated Wrist Computer (transmitter sold separately)

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Finally - an air-integrated dive computer that we can all read and afford! A Denver Divers' favorite.
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A well-organized screen and large data display format make information clear and readable at just a glance.

The user interface is organized into three segments: the first displays the depth, the second shows time and decompression, and the third is set aside for tank pressure. The data is intuitively interpreted by communicating the most important parameters more effectively and displays this information in larger numbers. The two secondary parameters - which users can choose - occupy less space on the screen. One of the Quad Air's strong points is low battery consumption. Utilizing normal batteries that are affordable, easy to find, and can be replaced by the user.

The Quad Air can operate for up to 150 dives while integrating tank data / air information.

The wrist unit can monitor up to three individual transmitters (sold separately). In addition to sending data to the Quad Air via radio frequency, the transmitter on the first stage has an LED light that uses a color code (Green - over 180/2610 bar/psi, Yellow - 100/1450 bar/psi, Red – 50/725 bar/psi) to intuitively communicate a range of air pressure with the diver and his buddies during the dive.

Mares also includes additional user-friendly features that improve the dive experience through customization. During the dive, the mirroring function of the four buttons switches on (the buttons on the left take on the same functions as those on the right). This ensures effortless operation of the Quad Air no matter which arm you wear it on.