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MARES Heavy Light Harness with Backplate


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This system includes an aluminum backplate and a complete harness with webbing, the harness, and a crotch strap.
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Aluminum Backplate: The backplate in this system is 3mm of black aluminum wieghin 750 g. It is compatible with the deluxe padding butt plate.

The 3.5mm webbing comes with a center hole and grommet; three 40 mm elastic loop retainers, and a 1.5mm crotch strap.

The harness comes equipped with two 50mm bent D-rings in black aluminum; two 50mm straight D-rings in black aluminum; four 3-bar normal slides in balck aluminum; two 3-bar toothed slides in black aluminum; and one SS316 standard waist buckle.

The crotch strap has two 50mm straight D-rings in black aluminum; one 50mm 3-bar glide in black alu,inum; and one DIR with a Hogarthian configuration.