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Masks: Scuba, Snorkel & Freediving

ScubaLab is the scuba version of Consumer Reports. Findings are published in SCUBA Diving magazine. Where appropriate, Denver Divers will report results in our online marketplace categories. To choose the right mask, ScubaLab suggests considering: 
  • Does the mask remain dry?
  • Is the mask comfortable around the skirt and nose pocket? 
  • Do any of the hard features of the mask touch the face?
  • Are the adjustments, including buckles, swivels, and quick releases, easy to change and secure?
  • Does it offer a desirable field of vision, both vertically and horizontally?
  • Does the volume of the mask suit its purpose?


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TUSA Mini-Kleio Dry Youth Combo


TUSA Powerview Mask/Snorkel Combo

$60.00 - $79.00

TUSA SPORT Junior Mask/Snorkel Combo