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PARALENZ Digital Dive Camera+


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Paralenz automatically corrects colors at depth - no filters! and records real-time depth and temperature.
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ScubaDiverLife, an online scuba and freediving community, had this to say about the Paralenz: There are lots of options when it comes to underwater photography and the Paralenz Dive Camera is a new player on the market. This small camera is tough, takes both pictures and video, doesn’t require color filters, and is easy to use.  It has a built-in pressure sensor that autocorrects the color according to your current depth, though using a flashlight when deeper than 65 feet (20 m) will help immensely. The camera also features a temperature sensor, and you can overlay both the depth and temperature onto your images or video.  The controls are simple, so once you have the settings the way you want, you can just turn the video on or off with your thumb, which is convenient for gloved divers. While some other action cameras are designed for sports in general, Paralenz was designed specifically for divers — not only for divers, but also by divers.

Paralenz chose a unique development process: they engaged the community. Once they had a good beta version of the camera after 1.5 years of research and development, they selected 250 testers from 38 countries to help them fine tune the end-product. Based the A-testers’ feedback, the company made dozens and dozens of improvements and corrections during the testing process.