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BARE Velocity Ultra Wetsuit: Men's 3mm Full Backzip Suit

Bare has applied their patented Celliant® Infrared Technology to the new Bare Velocity Ultra. While the company's Reactive and Evoke wetsuits are still preferred for warmth, the Velocity Ultra has a degree of added comfort and better range of motion. High-stretch material and touches like seams located to avoid underarms add notable comfort to this wetsuit. As one diver noted, “After five suits, this is the most comfortable I’ve been in all day.” The Velocity Ultra is our Testers Choice for suits over $200.

Scubalab tests included 12 new suits designed for both extremes of a 3 mm’s range. There were also some that are more of a balance of comfort, convenience and insulation — chief among them the Velocity Ultra. It uses heat-reflecting Celliant fiber lining, but only in the torso. The rolled smooth-skin wrist seals are comfortable, very effective at blocking water penetration, and still easy to don and doff — likewise the zippered ankles. Admittedly our test leaned toward that mix of warmth, comfort and convenience, and at the cold extremes of 3 mm range, the heaviest suits might be warmer. But for overall comfort, the Velocity Ultra was a standout.