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Men's Wetsuit Base Layers

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Wear base layers under a wetsuit or drysuit; or as exposure protection by itself. Denver Divers' staff also wears Sharkskin skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and water skiing - anywhere you want to be wet and warm!
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SHARKSKIN Titanium Long Sleeve Full Zip Top


SHARKSKIN Men's Hooded Sleeveless Vest (No Zip) - CLOSE OUT!

$75.00 $139.95

SHARKSKIN Men's Chillproof Hooded Sleeveless Vest with Full Front Zipper


BARE Ultrawarmth Men's Hooded Vest (5/3mm)

$149.95 - $159.95

SCUBAPRO Men's 1.5mm Everflex Shorts


SCUBAPRO Men's 1.5mm Everflex Short Sleeve Shirt


SHARKSKIN Men's Chillproof Long Pants


SHARKSKIN Men's Chillproof Long Sleeve Shirt with Full Zipper


SHARKSKIN Men's Chillproof Short Pants


WATERPROOF Men's Lycra Sport Skin


SHARKSKIN Men's Climate Control Short Sleeve Zipper Shirt - CLOSE OUT!

$70.00 $139.95