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Stress and Rescue Diving

Stress and Rescue

If you take only one specialty course in you diving career, take this one. Learn to manage your own stress underwater, and to help a buddy or diver in distress. Emergencies can occur when you least expect them. The Stress & Rescue class will teach you the skills needed to prevent emergencies, and to respond to them should they occur.

During the pool and open water sessions of this class you will apply the academic information gained through the online course materials, and the real life situations described by expert instructors.

This course is required for Master Diver Certification. Learning objectives include:

  • Learning to manage your own stress levels
  • Decreasing the chance of a diving accident due to stress and panic
  • Accident management procedures
  • Rescue skills designed to aid the victim without jeopardizing the diver
  • Effective underwater search patterns
  • Dealing with unique, complicated emergency situations


Study Material: $90 - SSI Digital Diver Stress & Rescue Kit

Prerequisites: CPR/First Aid and Oxygen Provider*

Minimum Age: 12 years old

Required Documents: Duration: Approximately 14 hours
  • Session 1: Academic classroom session
  • Session 2: Pool session designed to review your basic scuba skills and refine your skills for more advanced situations
  • Session 3: Pool session to teach and practice rescue skills in water
  • Session 4: Certification dives to simulate a real rescue scenario
Open Water Dives: 3 dives minimum
*We also recognize certifications given by other authorized agencies.

Certification Dive Options

In order to complete your Stress & Rescue certification, you will need to complete three open water certification dives under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor. Your instructor will evaluate your skills as you apply what you have learned during your academic and pool training to an open water environment. You will also learn practical lessons that can only be gained through real-world experience.

To complete these dives, you may join us at the Blue Hole, in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, on a private basis at the Aurora Reservoir, or on one of our many Group Travel options. Check out our open water certification dives page to learn more about our training site options.

Please note: If you need to cancel your class and have already paid in full, we are able to issue a refund for the tuition portion of the course fee only.  All materials fees are non-refundable due to the nature of online learning.  BUT, you will forever have access to the SSI online educational materials you have purchased. These materials can be used at any time at any SSI facility to complete your certification at a later date.

Upcoming Course Dates
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How far will you go?

Specialty Diver

Specialty Diver Certification

# of Dives Required: 12 Logged Dives

# of Courses: Minimum 2 Specialty Classes

Bundled Price: $225 for 2 standard Specialties ($15 savings)

Bundled Price with Nitrox: $285 for Nitrox and 1 standard Specialty ($65 savings)

Advanced Diver

Advanced Diver Certification

# of Dives Required: 24 Logged Dives

# of Courses: Minimum 4 Specialty Classes

Bundled Price: $400 for 4 standard Specialties ($80 savings)

Bundled Price with Nitrox or Science of Diving: $475 for Nitrox or Science of Diving and 3 standard Specialty Courses ($115 savings)

Master Diver

Master Diver Certification

# of Dives Required: 50 Logged Dives

# of Courses: 4 Specialty Classes

Additional Course Requirement: Stress & Rescue

Bundled Price: $600 for 4 standard Specialties and Stress & Rescue ($170 savings)

Bundled Price with Nitrox: $685 for Nitrox, 3 standard Specialty Courses, and Stress & Rescue ($195 savings)

Dive Professional

Become a Dive Professional