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Swim School Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my child needs to miss a lesson?

If you need to miss a lesson, please enter a future absence through the Customer Portal or through our app.
All absences entered with at least 24-hours advanced notice are considered excused and eligible for a makeup. Once attendance is entered on the day of your missed lesson, you will receive an automated email alerting you that you have a makeup token in your account. This email will include directions for how to schedule makeup lessons and information on our full makeup policy.

Do you offer makeup lessons?

Yes, we offer makeup lessons! All excused absences are eligible for a makeup token through the Customer Portal. these tokens can be used to schedule a future makeup lesson, subject to our makeup policy below.

Makeup Policy:

In most cases, makeup lessons will be offered on a different day, different time, or often with a different instructor than your regularly scheduled lesson. We typically do not schedule makeup lessons on the same day that your child regularly attends lessons. We do our best to offer as many makeup lesson times as we can, but there are a limited number of makeup lesson times and they will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Makeup lessons are NOT GUARANTEED!
  • Makeup classes are scheduled in slots that other students have notified us of a future absence.
  • Makeup lessons may only be scheduled up to seven days in advance.
  • Makeup tokens are valid for 90 days from the date of issue.
  • You MUST be currently enrolled in lessons to be eligible for a makeup lesson/to use your makeup token.
  • Makeup lessons are not able to be rescheduled. If you miss your scheduled makeup lesson, you MAY NOT reschedule.
  • A no show/no cancel student is not eligible for a makeup token.
  • If your child is currently enrolled in an initial Learn-to-Swim package, we will adjust the makeup token dates to coordinate with the end of your Learn-to-Swim package date.

When you request a makeup lesson, you will receive two emails! The first email will acknowledge that received your request and the second will confirm or deny your request. You will only be scheduled for a makeup lesson after receipt of the second email stating that your request has been approved.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

If The Swim School of Denver needs to close due to inclement weather, we will notify all families affected by the closure via text message and with a follow up email.
Weather closures are typically due to extreme cold and snow. Tornado warnings in our area will also lead to a closure.
Families will have the option to request a credit to their account or a makeup token. It is your responsibility to make us aware of your preference within 30 days of the closure. Anyone who has a future absence or makeup scheduled for the day of the closure will automatically receive a makeup token.

What happens if The Swim School of Denver must cancel lessons?

If The Swim School of Denver must cancel lessons, we will reach out immediately through a text message and with a follow up email alerting you of this cancellation.
Typical reasons lessons may be cancelled are due to:

  • Unforeseen problems with our pool including chemical imbalance or equipment issues
  • Required sanitization of the water in our pool due to a potty accident or vomit
  • An instructor absence where we cannot provide a substitute teacher

Families will have the option to request a credit to their account or a makeup token. It is your responsibility to make us aware of your preference within 30 days of the closure. Anyone who has a future absence or makeup scheduled for the day of the closure will automatically receive a makeup token.

What holidays or breaks is The Swim School of Denver closed?

The Swim School of Denver is typically closed for the following holidays/dates:

  • New Year's Day
  • President's Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Halloween (closed at noon)
  • Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week)
  • Winter Break (dates change each year, but typically December 20 through January 2)

All tuition is prorated to reflect these holidays. You will not need to alert us of a future absence if it will be during one of the above times, nor will you need to worry about scheduling makeups for these days as you will not be charged.

How does billing work?

Learn-to-Swim Packages: These packages of 18 lessons are billed in full, at the time of enrollment. All tuition and new student registration fees are due at the time of enrollment. Please let us know if you need to arrange a payment plan and we will do our best to accommodate.

Core Skills Development and Stroke Development: All our remaining lessons are billed monthly. You will receive an email statement on or about the 25th of the month prior, then you will be charged for the month's tuition on the 1st of the month.
We require credit cards to be kept on file for ongoing enrollments and billing so there is no delay in payment for your lessons.

Do you charge Late Fees?

Any outstanding balances after the 5th of the month will be charged an additional $25 late payment fee. If this persists, you will be charged $25 per month for any and all subsequent late monthly membership fees.
All families are required to have a current credit card on file.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. Once we send a lesson confirmation, we consider your lesson sold and you are responsible for tuition regardless of attendance.
In special cases, we do offer credits. A credit is a positive balance left on your account that can be applied to future charges for swim lessons, retail purchases or scuba classes.
As previously mentioned, credits are offered if The Swim School of Denver must cancel lessons due to unforeseen circumstances.

What is your cancellation policy?

Learn-to-Swim Packages: Once we have sent a confirmation for your Learn-to-Swim package, these lessons and times are considered sold. You will be responsible for the tuition regardless of your attendance. We cannot cancel once the lessons have started.

Ongoing Enrollments: To discontinue your enrollment, please complete a drop request through the online Customer Portal or send an email to on or before the 20th of the subsequent month letting us know of your intention to discontinue lessons. Your student's lessons will automatically conclude on the last day of the month. Any makeup tokens will no longer be valid after your student has discontinued lessons.
If we receive a drop request after the 20th of the month, you will be charged for the following month regardless of attendance.

Does my chlid have to wear a swim diaper or "swim undies" even if they are potty trained?

All students who are under the age of four years old are required to wear a pair of reusable swim undies regardless of potty-training status. This is our best effort to keep our pool clean and sanitized for all users.

Can I drop my child off and run an errand while they are swimming?

No, parents or guardians must remain in the building while their child participates in lessons. If you need to step outside for a quick moment, please let your child's instructor or one of our admin team know before you exit the building.

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