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Swim School of Denver Teaching Philosophy

Our mission is to prevent aquatic tragedy and promote a lifelong love of swimming by providing exceptional instruction.

Our goal is to help each student who enters the program enjoy and love the water while being safe at the same time. We strive to build meaningful relationships with each of our students and their families. Our warm indoor pools offer an inviting environment to practice new skills while providing a balance between work and play. 

We specialize in private survival swimming lessons and group lessons for infants, toddlers, and young children. Our lessons will give your child the skills to discover their inner fish! Our instructors are very experienced, attentive, and caring individuals who have extensive knowledge in child development and swimming instruction.

The curriculum at The Swim School of Denver is structured around the achievement of the developmental milestones of each child. Children of the same chronological age may be at two different developmental stages.  Therefore, regardless of skill acquisition, each child may belong in a different group or private class.  We do not arbitrarily place students based on chronological age. 

We do recommend the ages at which each student should be considered for class placement.  However, it is more important to think of students as individual learners.  Class placement depends on both the child's physical ability and on the level of their cognitive and social/emotional development.  Particularly in our private classes, we personalize our instruction to fit each student's needs and abilities. As your child enters group classes, his or her placement will depend upon the achievement of a specific sequence of skills, many of which will not be apparent to parents watching from the deck. 

At The Swim School of Denver each student learns the fundamentals of survival swimming before learning the same stroke techniques used by champion swimmers.

The Swim School of Denver is not affiliated with Infant Aquatics.

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