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Training Philosophy - Scuba

Denver Divers are committed to creating life-long snorkelers, divers, and swimmers through our unique approach to teaching through experiential learning, travel, and a premier selection of retail items to fit almost every water-lover's needs.

Denver Divers and The Swim School of Denver offer a full range of classes, from survival swimming to snorkeling to full scuba certification and beyond. Because of our commitment to safety, we are also an Instructor Training Center for Scuba Schools International as well as Swim Schools International. By investing in our teachers and trainers and by providing exceptional training equipment, we are investing in you.

Our mission is "to be recognized as the premier, environmentally responsible aquatics center in the Rocky Mountain Region by delivering exceptional training, retail, and travel experiences."

Denver Divers recently received the Diamond Dive Center status from our primary certification agency, Scuba Schools International. The SSI Diamond Dive Center status recognized Denver Divers for our commitment to excellence and leadership in the categories of:

  • Business Practices and Ethics
  • Quality Assurance
  • Educational Commitment
  • Customer Service
  • Diving Passion

Why Learn at Denver Divers?

  • Our class prices include all required equipment, so you can learn in a stress-free environment.
  • Our students have lifetime access to the pool, a benefit not offered by most other shops.
  • We offer free, instructor-led pool practices – an opportunity to practice your water skills before you do your open water dives.
  • We offer flexible scheduling and can accommodate any schedule.
  • Our on-site warm (88 degrees F) salt water pool was designed as a scuba “tank”, ideal for teaching all our courses.
  • We have both Nitrox and air fill stations on site where we regularly test our air to maintain above average quality.
  • Our instructors are directly affiliated with the shop, allowing us to ensure continuing education and hands-on oversight for training.
  • Denver Divers’ student-to-teacher ratio is never more than four-to-one for open water students.